WSBK: Neukirchner to Ten Kate?

A variety of sources are reporting that Max Neukirchner will make a shocking  jump to ride alongside Jonny Rea on the Ten Kate Honda team in 2010. Although the young German rider had a contract with Alstare Suzuki for 2010, it is believed that the pact was terminated as early as the first of October  by the team due to fitness concerns based on injuries incurred at the mid-summer Imola test.  Rumor has it that Alstare owner Frankie Batta used the fitness issue to clear the decks so that a  French ex-MotoGP rider (although who that could be is kind of hazy with Sylvain Guintoli already signed to the BSB Worx team for next year) could come aboard the sinking Alstare ship bearing a bucketload of Francs to rescue the cash-strapped team.

Ten Kate had been thought to be on the verge of re-signing current rider Carlos Checa after former riders James Toseland and Chris Vermeulen inked deals with different teams. The Neukirchner/Ten Kate agreement will reportedly be sealed sometime next week.

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is a good rider in search of a good team. all he needs is a steady season with a good team and the results will come.

Update: Oops nevermind, LCR Honda again for 2010 (been a long week!)

Has Randy De Puniet been signed yet to a team in motogp or WSBK? He's French, and if he will not be in the motogp class next year then that would make him an ex-motogp rider... but does he have tons of francs to contribute to anyone?

Olivier Jacque or Regis Laconi, if Guintoli is truly not available. Is he a Suzuki rider or a Crescent rider?

That Neither JT or Chris were willing to return to the Ten Kate team where both had major success? I suppose they each had varying motivations to do so. JT would be foolish to leave the Yamaha fold at this point. Should things go sour at either of Yamahas MotoGP teams he might get another shot there, and the lure of a third title on a new brand surely helps. Vermeulen signing with Kawasaki has to be either a financial decision or a testament to the remnants of their prior relationship. The bike has thus far not shown that it is a capable package at the WSBK level. He has an uphill battle on his hands there. Chris has the talent for sure but it remains to be seen if Kawasaki leaves him swinging in the breeze like Melandri, Hopkins, Hacking etc. have experienced recently.

Quote: "Rumor has it that Alstare owner Frankie Batta used the fitness issue to clear the decks..."

Mr Walt, either you are reporting on what's being reported on other websites, or you are doing a journalistic job of your own.

If it's a rumour, then tell us which site you read it on. If it's a fact, then tell us yourself.

As we say in Blighty, you need to piss or get off the pot.

...if it is a rumor it wouldn't be fact, right? and if it isn't fact, it may not be reported on another sight. I am pretty sure there were rumors before there was an Internet.

It is a weird world when reporters are expected to cite sources for rumors.

Other websites are available. If you don't like what Mike writes, don't read it. I do, and it's my decision to make.