WSBK: Alstare "Surprised" that Neukirchner Will be Fit to Test at Portimao

Astare Suzuki, on a post on the team's website,  has expressed surprise that Max Neukirchner, who incurred grave injuries to his back at the mid-summer Imola WSBK test, would be available for the apres-season test at Portimao, Portugal. Citing a recent physical exam at Imola, the team claims that "...doctors Costa, Corbascio and neuro-surgeon Professor Bollini all declared that they would not take responsibility for allowing Max to ride a bike again this year. "

The part that Alstare was surprised about was that Neukirchner posted to his personal website on Monday October 5th that he had undergone a "final medical examination"  at  Chemnitz (Germany) hospital where the examining doctors were "quite pleased" with Neukirchner's recovery and that there were no medical concerns about the Gerrman rider's participation in the October 26 test.  This post was ostensibly to quell rumors that Neukirchner's recovery period could be extended by 4-6 months, which would obviate his participation in the test. 

One wonders if all this alleged miscommunication has anything to do with the reportedly imminent anouncement that Leon "Pocket Rocket" Haslam, recently relaeased from his Stiggy Honda contract, will sign with Alstare and will be availble to test with the team at Portimao.


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The dude is fast.

He even heals fast.

Has nothing to do with human growth hormone, this miraculous recovery.