SBK: Track Not Slippery

In the wake of actions by superbike riders protesting an allegedly slippery Imola track surface that some have been likening to a strike or a revolt, the SBK website has issued a press release that essentially blames the riders for the snafu. Without naming names, the release claims that there were some riders and team managers that wanted practice to continue so that a fresh coat of Pirelli rubber could be laid down on the track. The article continues by claiming that after the rewashing of the track conditions hadn't changed as evidenced by the lack of crashes in the subsequent practice sessions. All those who had actually ventured out on track in the first session gave dramatically different accounts of track conditions. To this commentator's eye, these statements, coming from the promotors of this event, are roughly equivalent to the commander of the firing squad telling the condemned prisoner to quit sniveling about conditions.

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They should clean up the track as best as possible and keep their mouths shut. Imola is already a marginal track for safety - appearing to ignore rider concerns is NOT smart.

"that essentially blames the riders for the snafu" Taking a page from the ol' DMG playbook. WSBK pace car coming for the 2012 season?