A New World Superbikes Writer Joins MotoMatters.com Staff

Since the start of the season, MotoMatters.com has been trying to bring you news and analysis from both MotoGP and World Superbikes, but with the limited resources we have at our disposal, it's been hard. We have not been able to give the World Superbike series the attention it deserves, and so we have called in some help. From now on, Mike Walt will be helping out with the World Superbike series, while David Emmett focuses on the world he knows best, the world of MotoGP.

Many of you will already know Mike, as he posts around the world under the moniker Yooperbikemike. His knowledge of all forms of motorcycle racing is encyclopedic, and his style is both informative and entertaining, a very, very difficult balancing act to manage. So for all of you who love World Superbikes, and I know there are many, we hope to start to give the series much better coverage.

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Pretty soon I'm not going to have any reason to go to advrider!

Wow! I would have never guessed a merger. Makes sense, though. Now all you need is a salesperson! Motomatters could become the next big thing in motorsports media.

-Congrats and thanks for the good work

Welcome Mike, from a fellow Michigander (troll). Spent some time in da UP back in college. Looking forward to one-stop-shopping for my WSBK and MotoGP needs here at motomatters.

Thanks to everyone for the warm greetings! I'll be doing my best to live up to the high standards that David has set.