More Indianapolis MotoGP Photos From The Lens of Scott Jones

Third, behind two Spaniards. That's two too many.

Kids in 99 t-shirts. Are 46's days numbered?

Indianapolis Motor Speedway: Getting a sense of scale is almost impossible


Marco Melandri: He'll be on a better bike next year, but not a better looking bike

Wings on a helmet? If only he'd signed for Honda ...

Pole. By half a second. Be afraid.

Looking at the starting grid, they are patently wrong

Nicky, making a wish

JT, after testing his leathers. They worked.

Red Bull. Yamaha. Now all we need is the king of slide

Alex de Angelis. His audition is going well.

Still at the back of the grid: Gabor Talmacsi

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Great pictures. :)

And it's funny how people still happily embarrass themselves over nothing. Instead of all that negative "Hate, hate, hate" approach they should try some positive thinking and rather support their favs than hate their "enemies".
It's better for the heart, less stressful, makes you live longer...

Never underestimate the lack of intelligence of someone who would prance around with a message like this on the t-shirt.

More appropriate would be 'lipo sucks' in this case.


great photos mr scott jones , as for the comment on the 99 kid t-shirt and the 46 days are numbered ,i bet to disagree there has been and will always be one number in motorcycle racing for the last fourteen seasons that is the number 46 , the number 99 is a just phase as the ones before it sooner or later it will crack and would love to see your comment on the number 99 downfall , cheers !!

Don't blame Scott for the captions. I do those. Scott has far more tact and breeding than I do. So I wrote that caption.