Another Batch Of Your Latest Indianapolis Desktop, From Scott Jones

Hiroshi Aoyama at the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix. Just so you know

IMS - 100 years of people going too fast

The Tornado, proving that it takes more than rain to make a Tornado

Dani Pedrosa - Too fast for the human eye


Aleix Espargaro - impressively faster than the regulars on his debut

Randy de Puniet is still struggling with a plate in his ankle

Guy Coulon and the Tech 3 team check out the bike that Kenny wasn't paid enough to ride

King Kenny's number

Once upon a time, Kenny was called Ken

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David, would you by any chance have a pic of the layout of the entire course? I'm curious what the course "in the infield" of an oval "stadium" looks like.

What I had meant was an aerial photograph of the layout - or something which would go somewhat towards putting in pictures what many riders have commented about how, although the track is basically limited to an "infield," the vastness of the complex as a whole "releases" the infield track from what one might presume would be a claustrophobic atmosphere.

Anyway, I will try to find an image somewhere...

I rode the track yesterday (charity ride) and there's nothing claustrophobic about it. If anything, it's bloody huge, especially compared to something like Virignia International Raceway.

OK, so it was supposed to be calm quiet ride, except for three of us (1098, RC51, and me on my '69 Bonneville cafe racer) who quietly hung back so we'd be forced to catch up with the group. I've got a lot of admiration for those guys, I was having trouble at 50-60 on a couple of those corners.