Lorenzo's Reasons To Stay: Promises Of Equal Treatment With Rossi

Throughout the brief saga surrounding Ducati's bid for Jorge Lorenzo and Lorenzo's eventual re-signing with Yamaha, speculation was rife about Lorenzo's motives. The sums bandied about in relation to Ducati's offer seemed to point to financial gain being Lorenzo's primary mover, but Lorenzo always insisted that money came at the bottom of his list of reasons.

Lorenzo's decision to stay at Yamaha seemed to corroborate his affirmations. After all, Yamaha had made it very publicly clear that it would not be drawn into a bidding war over its Spanish star, and so though the offer he had on the table - thought to be in the region of 3.5 million euros a year - was probably at least slightly improved, his main motivation was clearly his sporting objectives.

But turning down the money does not mean that he left Ducati's bid unused. In fact, the Mallorcan put it to outstanding effect, as he revealed in an interview he held with the Spanish sports daily AS.com. For partly as a result of his protracted negotiations with first Honda and then Ducati, the Spaniard managed to extract some important promises from Yamaha boss Lin Jarvis.

In response to the question of whether Yamaha had promised Lorenzo that he would receive parts at the same time as his team mate Valentino Rossi, Lorenzo replied: "Yes, of course. Lin Jarvis is the first person I have to thank for this, but also (Masao) Furusawa, because before Brno, they promised me that my bike will be the same as Valentino's in the second half of the season and next year. This is something to take into account, and it was a very important point in making this decision."

Lorenzo intends to make sure those commitments are honored. The Spaniard signed just a one-year deal with Yamaha, instead of the previous two-year deal he has with them. Clearly, if Lorenzo feels that Yamaha is favoring Rossi with special parts that he is not getting, then he will reopen negotiations again next year. He could then decide to go to Ducati after all, as he reiterated in the interview that he was not afraid of the bike, and that he was sure he would be able to go fast on the tricky Desmosedici.

He did acknowledge that this was likely to be no easy feat. "I think switching to Ducati at the age of 22 would have been a huge risk and I would have been under a lot of pressure," he told AS.com. But if Yamaha do go back on their promises, Lorenzo might just change his mind again.

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lorenzo you very very young and very very stupid !! when hell freezes over then you will get the same parts as rossi , lin jarvis could promise you all what you want , but at the end of the day parts will go to the 8 time world champion and the marketing monster that is valentino rossi , this is all about selling bikes lorenzo , how many bike have you sold , i rest my case ....dream on