Lorenzo's Manager: Decision Will Be Announced Next Week

It just never ends. Barely a day goes by without more news and rumors about Jorge Lorenzo's decision on whether or not he will be riding for Yamaha or Ducati next season, and today is no exception. Where previously, the stories have suggested that a deal with Ducati is all but completed, today, but Crash.net and the official MotoGP.com website are reporting that Lorenzo's management have denied that a deal is done.

Crash.net bases its story on sources close to Lorenzo, claiming that Lorenzo and his management are still considering both deals, and telling Crash.net, in the understatement of the year, "It is not an easy decision!". The MotoGP.com website spoke directly to Lorenzo's manager Marcos Hirsch, who said that they were "Getting close to concluding our evaluation of the pros and cons of the offers and we acknowledge that now is the right moment to make a decision." Such a decision would not be based on financial considerations alone, however. Hirsch told MotoGP.com that money was at "the bottom of the list of priorities", and that sporting factors - in this case, code for the number one position inside the team - would play a key role in their decision.

That decision is almost certain to be announced at, or probably, just prior to, the Indianapolis Red Bull Grand Prix. The most likely scenario is for a press conference to be convened in the hospitality unit of the winning bidder, meaning that the news will break some time before it is actually announced. In less than a week, the story should be just about over.

With all the rumors, leaks and speculation, the whole circus surrounding Jorge Lorenzo and his future is becoming extremely difficult to follow. Fortunately, that most authoratitive of writers on Grand Prix motorcycle racing Dennis Noyes has a summary of the situation. It is both comprehensive and comprehensible, and a highly recommended read.

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If money was indeed on "the bottom of the list of priorities" then I wonder why this has been the only actual voiced concern from Lorenzo in interviews so far. He always talked about the Yamaha team being great and wanting to stay with them etc etc etc, but "we believe that my work has a certain price and at the moment Yamaha doesn't meet that price".

How very strange.

Motogo.com said he got a “renewed deal” from Yamaha. It is like Yam genuinely wants to keep him and makes efforts. If he indeed moves to Ducati not for money, what kind of explanations does he give? It can be very costly move that he ends up burning the bridge with Yam.

It almost looks like his inexperience on the track (when he threw his bike away last week trying to make a stupid block on Rossi) might match his inexperience in contract negotiations. He has a long way to go and a lot to prove before he can start acting the prima donna. He is great to watch though - it's been a good season so far.