Alvaro Bautista Confirms Two Year Suzuki Deal

After much dithering and dallying, and pretending that nothing had been settled, Alvaro Bautista finally came clean after the MotoGP race at Brno and announced that he will after all be joining Suzuki in MotoGP. In a press conference, the Spaniard confirmed that he has signed a two-year deal with Suzuki, as had been widely leaked and reported in the run up to the Brno race.

Bautista's hand was forced by the new rookie rule, which prevents new entrants to the class from going straight to a factory team. As the only factory without a satellite team, Suzuki is exempt from this rule, and as Bautista was keen to be on a factory squad, this was his only option in MotoGP.

Bautista's team mate is most likely to be Loris Capirossi. The Italian veteran has been dropping hints all weekend that he is close to a deal with Suzuki for one more year, and only has a few details to tie up. This leaves Capirex' current team mate Chris Vermeulen out of the team at Suzuki, and in search of a seat elsewhere. Vermeulen is said to have offered to ride for the Tech 3 team basically for free, but there's a long line of others offering to do the same, so the competition is fierce.

Seats are starting to fill up surprisingly quickly in MotoGP, and we have gone from knowing very little to having most of the loose ends tied up in the space of just a few days. However, rumors continue to circulate about Jorge Lorenzo, and about Hiroshi Aoyama, and about Thomas Luthi's Caffe Latte team having the funds for an extra Honda in MotoGP. So though the picture is clearer, it is very far from over. There's plenty of news still to come.

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Bautista's move 2 suzuki is the one smart option rather than ducati.Loris had proved during testing the bike is fast.Bautista might just be the break through that suzuki need-fast but consistent rider.Loris has the mighty experience in developing machines but lacks the ultimate consistency of rossi,stoner, etc to challenge 4 the title.2010 might be the breakthrough year 4 suzuki like 2007 for ducati.If bautista can do what rossi & stoner did for yamaha & ducati he would become a legend.Its been a long time since we saw suzukis on the podium,would be great to see them on top.

I agree the move to Suzuki over the Aspar Ducati is a smart option for Bautista with the new rookie rule, but there's a couple of factors that really need to come into play before we see if he's going to get the opportunity to shine in MotoGP. Not only is he going to need a competitive bike that has the power and top end speed to match the Yamaha, Ducati and Honda but he's also going to have to be able to consistently get the package performing in qualifying.
He's proved already in 250 that he is fast enough during a race to claw back positions after starting down the grid but to be able to do that in MotoGP on the current Suzuki is a big task. I'm a big fan of Alvaro and really want him to do well, but I think there's going to need to be big changes for the factory and rider if he's to challenge his new rivals.
One thing the Ducatis do have in abundance is power and speed and I think if he had been able to get to grips with the GP9/GP10 Duke whilst working under his mentor Jorge Martinez he would have had great potential. But would you take a punt on the GP9?
I also hope that he us able to bring so more sponsorship to Suzuki - surely there must be some spanish cash behind Bautista?
2010 is shaping up nicely...

I think he's making the same suicidal career move as Chris did a few years ago. At least on a honda or ducati he could move forward. Now he has to burn two years and hope to not fall off the radar while running around in 10th. If Loris can't get that bike to win while riding at 105%, does Alvaro have a chance? I guess we'll see :)

The rider's compaint about Suzuki has always been 'the factory doesn't seem to be as committed as the others'. Not said out loud too often, but there's no doubt this is the feeling. Hopkins rode the wheels off the thing and consistency resulted in 4th in the Championship. I just don't see Bautista as having the sheer will or consistency that Hopkins had/has.
It's probably just as well he signed the contract before he wheelied his Aprilia to destruction after the race on Sunday, tho'!