Casey Stoner To Withdraw From Brno?

After a mystery illness left Casey Stoner drained and exhausted at the past four races, it was assumed that a return to his native Australia would provide Stoner with a welcome break. The rest, coupled with further consultations with doctors he has worked with before and whom he has much confidence in, would surely allow the 2007 World Champion to return to racing at Brno, if not completely recovered, then at least in better shape than he left the series after Donington.

But apparently, this is not to be. According to the Spanish website, Ducati will be announcing tomorrow that Casey Stoner will not race at Brno. No one will be brought in to replace Stoner, according to, something that Ducati would have to do if Stoner to miss the following round at Indianapolis two weeks later.

The report does not cite any definite cause for Stoner's decision to skip Brno, but is alleging that the problems are mainly psychological, and a question of self-confidence. Stoner underwent a battery of tests after the US GP at Laguna Seca in early July, after which the team announced that the Australian had been diagnosed with mild gastritis and slight anemia. However, at Donington, Stoner denied that this was a problem, telling the press it was so minor as to be irrelevant, and that the problem must have another cause.

Being diagnosed certainly hasn't help solve Stoner's problems. According to, sources inside Stoner's inner circle are reporting that if anything, his condition has got worse since the Barcelona race, rather than better.

The article goes on to compare Stoner's ailment with that of double world champion Freddie Spencer. In 1985, Spencer won both the 250 and 500cc classes in the same season, and it is said that the mental and physical effort of that year placed such a strain on him that he never fully recovered, and Spencer never won another Grand Prix race again. This however, must surely remain just speculation, and MotoGP fans around the world will surely be hoping that Stoner makes a full and speedy recovery, ready to challenge for victory again soon.

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I've never been a fan of Stoner, to be truthful, but I hate to see someone knocked out like this. I'd rather see the best competition possible.
I do feel bad for him on a personal level too.

So Popmonkey's prediction might be true...

Casey certainly is wound tight. Witness his interview in GPWeek were he rounded on the British 'fans'. And then he won't understand that having shown how much it annoys him (despite professing otherwise) then the same people will attack the same weakness next year.

Hope he does heal and if he doesn't, that he takes stock of where he is and understands how much he has achieved already and that life is for living.

The whole 'broken by Rossi' thing is more fancy than fact, and remember that Stoner has had four wins and a string of good placings since the Laguna Seca 'moment'. He also has more wins than Biaggi had in his 8 years of 500cc/motoGp racing (12), and exactly twice what Gibernau achieved in his 10 full years (9).

While it may well not be chronic fatigue syndrome, his health problems have a distinct resemblance to early-onset cfs, which can be quite hard to pin down medically and has a very upsetting effect on the patient, as it seems to strike without warning and just keep on getting worse. I've seen the psychological effects on perfectly well-adjusted, intelligent people and it absolutely erodes their self-confidence, they feel they can't trust their body to perform and they don't know why.

Have to agree with you on Rossi. The effects of his "mind games" are vastly overrated and mostly more made up by fans and journalists than actually existent.

Whatever the cause for Stoner's health problems is, I do hope he can recover from it somehow. Maybe some time off is a step in the right direction, who knows.

IMO - to have earned a seat on a factory GP bike, you would assume that a certain amount of psychological toughness would have also been earned. To "not" race because your psyche is not strong enough? That shouldn't happen or really be an option. There are 100+ riders out there that would give their right arm for his seat,, and commit to it,, regardless of the adversity. I hope he gets better but my opinion of him has been affected,, maybe "fragile" is the new label ?? . Not a good association for one of the fastest pilots on the grid,, or was on the grid.