Anatomy Of A Crash Part 2: Bradley Smith

It should be obvious by now that's shooter Scott Jones has a nose for the right place to stand in. After capturing Mike di Meglio's practice crash in perfect detail, Scott also grabbed Bradley Smith's second lap pile up with Finnish wildcard rider Eeki Kuparinen. Here's how it went:

Bradley slides off inside Kuparinen

They both hit the gravel

Bradley hanging on to his Aprilia

Bradley still hanging on to his Aprilia in the hope of getting through this in one piece

Kuparinen, meanwhile, is tumbling

Sliding ..

Sliding ..

What do you think you're doing?

Now look what you've done!

Game over

Bradley being beckoned away by the marshals

Not a happy bunny

The reason for Bradley Smith's anger: he'd slid off on the first lap, and was charging through the field to catch up.

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