Laguna Seca Race Photos


Dislocated collar bone - check. Broken metatarsal in foot - check. Race face - check.

Oh say, can you see?

It was a very close race in the early stages

Deja vu?

Melandri tries to beat the man whose ride he is rumored to be taking

A couple of laps later, and the gaps wouldn't be this big between the front three

First Spaniard Ever

Lorenzo wisely stayed out of the Cava Wars

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Amazing pictures!

Any pics though of Stoner getting off the bike? That guy looked drained. Something is certainly wrong with him somehow.

Although I would have preferred anyone other than Pedreosa wining it was still a damn fine day, and there was actually racing happening. Hell for a moment we all thought Rossi was going to pull of a Miracle. It was Rossi day after all. Hayden finished 5th 1 place behind his teammate, and looked as happy as I've ever seen him (until the AMA superbike race). I had the privilege of spending the weekend in the Pramac garage working as on official tire checker. Man the view from other inside of the garage is very different. What a weekend.