Video Of That Dramatic Last Lap In Catalunya

The dramatic last lap at the Catalunya Grand Prix will be talked about for many years to come. And it's a lap that's worth watching again and again, so here it is for your enjoyment:

~~~ UPDATE ~~~

Dorna is slowly taking down all the videos it can find on Youtube, which should keep them busy for several weeks. You can see a free video of the highlights over on the official website. You can also purchase a package to see the full race video there as well.

Here's another version of the video:

And a version posted by, run by friend of The Duke, of the excellent (if tragically infrequent) podcast

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Honestly, how big a bunch of eejits are they at Dorna?

Let the Youtube submissions stand (it's only a lap and a bit) and let the curious people see the excellent racing.

There just might be a large number folk who have never watched MotoGP that are tempted to tune in for the Assen race on the back of that.

They're so bloody worried about their precious online race subscriptions and website content (and their live streaming is utter, utter shite in my experience) that they seem blind to a bit of powerful (and free) marketing.

My auld granny could market MotoGP better than that bunch of clowns.


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