Melissa Paris Interview On Soupkast, Eugene Laverty on MotoGPOD

Melissa Paris' participation in the World Supersport race during the US round of World Superbikes at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah generated a lot of interest in women racing, and attracted plenty of press coverage. Once at the race, Paris performed pretty well, improving her lap time by some 3 seconds from the first session of practice on Friday to qualifying on Saturday. Sadly, her race was not so successful, a mechanical issue sidelining Paris on lap 7.

If you'd like to hear more of how her weekend went, then you're in luck. The stalwarts of American roadracing, Dean Adams and Jim McDermott from, interviewed Melissa Paris after the race, and put the interview online as part of their regular Soupkast podcast. The interview is a fascinating view into what it takes to put on a World Supersport ride, the practicalities involved, and just what and how much you can learn from the experience. You can either subscribe to the Soupkast podcast here, or download the MP3 file directly here.

While Melissa Paris was fighting at the back of the field, at the front, Eugene Laverty was engaged in an epic battle of his own at the front of the race. The Parkalgar Honda looked to have the race in the bag until he was deprived of victory by a tough pass from Kenan Sofuoglu in the very last section. You can read's interview with Eugene Laverty right here, but you could also check out the latest episode of Bob Hayes' excellent motorcycle racing podcast, which features an interview Jim Race did with Eugene Laverty, as well as their normal race coverage. You can subscribe to here.

Better still, download both Soupkast and MotoGPOD, load them onto your MP3 player, and reserve yourself a couple of hours of space to listen to nothing but motorcycle racing.

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