Nearly 60 Entries For Moto2 Class

Entries closed today for the Moto2 class, and according to the well-informed, the number of entries for the class is very high, nearly 60 bikes in all. The success of the class means that the total number of entries will have to be trimmed down to around 36, the maximum number of grid places at most circuits. All of the satellite teams from MotoGP submitted entries, with the exception of Sete Gibernau's Grupo Francisco Hernando squad, as well as most of the 250 teams as well, with the Aspar team asking for three places on the grid.

The places on the grid will be shared out using predefined criteria: MotoGP satellite teams will be granted places first, followed by the 250 teams, both from this year and 2008 (allowing the now defunct Campatella team to submit an entry), with the final slots being awarded to teams from the 125 class. The final list is due to be made official at Barcelona in two weeks' time. Dorna has an ulterior motive for trimming the number of entries besides the simple fact of a lack of physical space: The organization has promised teams running in Moto2 a subsidy of between 200,000 and 250,000 euros, and even Dorna's purse is not bottomless.

Despite the fact that the class is still only in gestation, the engine yet to be manufactured, already controversy and argument is starting among the prospective teams. Teams from the two-stroke classes are complaining that the MotoGP teams will have an unfair advantage, as they already have extensive experience with the problems of engine braking and datalogging the use of a four-stroke engine will create. There are already mutterings that Moto2 will degenerate into a two-tier class, with the MotoGP teams forming the Eloi, and the rest toiling away with the rest of the mid-pack Morlocks. Whenever two or more are gathered, an argument ensues, it appears. In motorcycle racing as in the rest of life...

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With the grid spots already secured by existing teams, there'll be no new blood in the series? I'd like to see at least a few (4 maybe?) slots open to teams that are not currently in the league but maybe running elsewhere like production series or engineering houses like Ilmor.

I think the two stroke guys should stop complaining. Sure at first they'll be at a disadvantage in some ways but this is a new class with a new engine so after awhile everything will even out. Two strokes have died in the real world for most purposes and they're slowly dying in racing. I own and ride a 600 and I think it's great to see another class with that engine size cause it's something I can relate to.