Regis Laconi Receives Head And Back Injuries In Kyalami Crash

Regis Laconi has been seriously injured in a crash at Kyalami. The Frenchman, riding for the DFX Corse team, had just taken to the track when he crashed in a fast left hander, suffering injuries to his head and torso. It was immediately clear that Laconi was badly hurt, and after the medics had stabilized his condition, he was taken first to the trackside medical center, where it was decided to fly him to the nearby Sunninghill Hospital in Sandton for further examination.

At the hospital, they found suspected fractures in 5 vertebrae, fortunately without any damage to the spinal cord, and a CAT scan showed a severe cranial trauma, though it appears that were no neurological complications. Regis Laconi was moving his limbs, and is currently being kept in a clinically induced coma, and for this reason he has been placed on the danger list. He is due to be operated on early this evening to have two plates inserted to support his cracked vertebrae.

In a press release, the team wished him a speedy recovery, to which we add our own best wishes. Laconi had started the season very strongly, taking three fourth places at Phillip Island and Valencia, and looked capable of improvement. Hopefully, he will be back riding soon.

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Do you know how he was injured so badly? Did he hit a barrier?

The tracks and safety gear have improved so much that it's become a big surprise when someone is seriously hurt. It was so great to see him riding well on a competitive bike this season... I hope he recovers fully and is out racing again when he is ready.

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