Simoncelli Breaks Scaphoid Training - Doubtful For Qatar

It goes without saying that motorcycle racing is a dangerous sport, but what people tend to forget is that training for motorcycle racing is often even more dangerous. After all, the only way to train the skills required to control a motorcycle close to the limit is by riding a motorcycle close to that very same limit. And the penalty for getting it wrong can be pretty harsh indeed.

This is a lesson that Marco Simoncelli has learned the hard way. The reigning 250cc World Champion fell during motocross training at the quarry used by Valentino Rossi and his friends, and fractured his right scaphoid. Simoncelli was taken to hospital at Modena where the fracture was diagnosed, and was later treated by Dr Costa of the Clinica Mobile which accompanies both the MotoGP and World Superbikes series around the world.

Simoncelli's fracture puts his participation in the first round of the 250 World Championship at risk. According to, the fracture isn't serious enough to rule Simoncelli out altogether, but he will be far from 100% at Qatar. Dr Costa told "whether Marco rides at Qatar or not does not depend on his wrist, but on the will of Marco to ride."

Whether Simoncelli rides or not, his season will get off to a bad start. With Simoncelli and Alvaro Bautista pushing each other hard during preseason testing, Simoncelli's fractured scaphoid gives Bautista an immediate advantage.

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