2009 Jerez 125 Afternoon Session - Simon Unstoppable Again

In the 125cc class, the afternoon session of the final day at Jerez followed the same pattern of almost every other session here so far. Bancaja Aspar's Julian Simon dominated completely, leading the field by over 7/10ths of a second. Simon has opted to fit an older version of the forks to his Aprilia RSA, whilst others, such as Danny Webb, are using the 2009 version, which are causing problems for some riders. For now, Simon's decision has paid off very well indeed.

The race for second was a lot closer, KTM's Marc Marquez taking second spot by just two thousandths of a second from Sandro Cortese on the Ajo Aprilia, while Derbi's Pol Espargaro - riding hurt after a crash - took fourth just a few hundredths behind. Simon's team mate Sergio Gadea rounded out the top 5.

In the morning, Bradley Smith got to within one tenth of a second of Simon's fastest time, but the British rider didn't take part in the afternoon hour. This left Scott Redding the fastest Briton in 8th, one spot ahead of Danny Webb. American Cameron Beaubier, moving up to the MotoGP class through the MotoGP Academy program finished 16th.

The teams have one final test left, a two night affair at Qatar, before the season kicks off. If you don't have Julian Simon in your fantasy MotoGP team, now would be a good chance to switch.

Session 2 times (afternoon session)

PosRiderTeamFastest lapDiff to prev.Diff to LeaderLaps
1Julian SIMONBANCAJA ASPAR TEAM 125cc1'47.318  17
2Marc MARQUEZRED BULL KTM MOTORSPORTS1'48.037+0.719+0.71915
3Sandro CORTESEAJO INTERWETTEN1'48.039+0.002+0.72115
4Pol ESPARGARODERBI RACING TEAM1'48.077+0.038+0.75919
5Sergio GADEABANCAJA ASPAR TEAM 125cc1'48.457+0.380+1.13918
6Nicolas TEROLJACK & JONES TEAM1'48.459+0.002+1.14117
7Randy KRUMMENACHERDEGRAAF GRAND PRIX1'48.474+0.015+1.15621
8Scott REDDINGBLUSENS APRILIA1'48.498+0.024+1.18019
9Danny WEBBDEGRAAF GRAND PRIX1'48.835+0.337+1.51721
10Jonas FOLGERONGETTA TEAM ISPA1'49.110+0.275+1.79223
11Simone CORSIJACK & JONES TEAM1'49.200+0.090+1.88221
12Joan OLIVESPANISH DERBI RACING TEAM1'49.349+0.149+2.03120
13Johann ZARCOWTR SAN MARINO TEAM1'49.601+0.252+2.28322
14Lorenzo ZANETTIONGETTA TEAM ISPA1'49.728+0.127+2.41022
15Dominique AEGERTERAJO INTERWETTEN1'49.978+0.250+2.66015
16Cameron BEAUBIERRED BULL KTM MOTORSPORT1'50.023+0.045+2.7056
17Esteve RABATBLUSENS APRILIA1'50.313+0.290+2.99516
18Tomo KOYAMALONCIN RACING1'50.415+0.102+3.09717
19Luca MARCONICBC CORSE1'51.155+0.740+3.83723
20Alexis MASBOULONCIN RACING1'51.506+0.351+4.1884
21Lukas SEMBERAMATTEONI RACING1'51.782+0.276+4.46419
22Luca VITALICBC CORSE1'52.462+0.680+5.14422
23Jasper IWEMARACING TEAM GERMANY1'52.681+0.219+5.36317
24Matthew HOYLEHAOJUE TEAM1'53.362+0.681+6.04413

Session 1 times (morning session)

PosRiderTeamFastest lapDiff to prev.Diff to LeaderLaps
1Julian SIMONBANCAJA ASPAR TEAM 125cc1'47.371  28
2Bradley SMITHBANCAJA ASPAR TEAM 125cc1'47.420+0.049+0.04944
3Sandro CORTESEAJO INTERWETTEN1'47.547+0.127+0.17633
4Andrea IANNONEONGETTA TEAM ISPA1'47.550+0.003+0.17936
5Takaaki NAKAGAMIONGETTA TEAM ISPA1'47.702+0.152+0.33153
6Nicolas TEROLJACK & JONES TEAM1'47.863+0.161+0.49234
7Marc MARQUEZRED BULL KTM MOTORSPORTS1'47.969+0.106+0.59824
8Stefan BRADLVIESSMANN KIEFER RACING1'48.142+0.173+0.77130
9Sergio GADEABANCAJA ASPAR TEAM 125cc1'48.162+0.020+0.79153
10Joan OLIVESPANISH DERBI RACING TEAM1'48.527+0.365+1.15637
11Pol ESPARGARODERBI RACING TEAM1'48.578+0.051+1.20728
12Jonas FOLGERONGETTA TEAM ISPA1'48.666+0.088+1.29516
13Efren VAZQUEZDERBI RACING TEAM1'48.766+0.100+1.39550
14Esteve RABATBLUSENS APRILIA1'48.822+0.056+1.45141
15Dominique AEGERTERAJO INTERWETTEN1'49.001+0.179+1.63034
16Scott REDDINGBLUSENS APRILIA1'49.011+0.010+1.64035
17Simone CORSIJACK & JONES TEAM1'49.152+0.141+1.78154
18Randy KRUMMENACHERDEGRAAF GRAND PRIX1'49.274+0.122+1.90341
19Johann ZARCOWTR SAN MARINO TEAM1'49.279+0.005+1.90851
20Danny WEBBDEGRAAF GRAND PRIX1'49.323+0.044+1.95243
21Cameron BEAUBIERRED BULL KTM MOTORSPORT1'49.434+0.111+2.06318
22Lorenzo ZANETTIONGETTA TEAM ISPA1'50.019+0.585+2.64844
23Lorenzo SAVADORIFONTANA RACING1'50.728+0.709+3.3579
24Lukas SEMBERAMATTEONI RACING1'51.126+0.398+3.75551
25Tomo KOYAMALONCIN RACING1'51.198+0.072+3.82722
26Luca MARCONICBC CORSE1'51.231+0.033+3.86036
27Luca VITALICBC CORSE1'51.597+0.366+4.22637
28Michael RANSEDERHAOJUE TEAM1'51.730+0.133+4.35945
29Alexis MASBOULONCIN RACING1'51.808+0.078+4.43733
30Jasper IWEMARACING TEAM GERMANY1'52.435+0.627+5.06439
31Matthew HOYLEHAOJUE TEAM1'53.048+0.613+5.67732


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