Pedrosa: I'll Do My Best To Be Ready For Qatar

Saturday morning, at 10am local time, Dani Pedrosa and Dr Xavier Mir, of the Dexeus Institute in Barcelona, gave a press conference on the state of Pedrosa's wrist and knee, after the Spaniard had undergone surgery to fix a distal radius fracture and an open knee wound on Wednesday. The operation had been successful, and Pedrosa was recovering well, was the general conclusion, but the start of his season was still in doubt.

Pedrosa has completely written off any chance of participating at the IRTA tests in Jerez, preferring instead to concentrate on his chances of recovering in time for the season opener at Qatar. "We'll be doing our best to be ready for Qatar, and when the time comes, we will see whether we are ready to race. The goal is to be ready for the first race," he told the assembled press.

On the subject of his preparation for the season, Pedrosa was frank but optimistic. "You don't get to choose these things," he said, "but we have no choice but to keep moving forward. I've fallen off many times, but I always get back up again. We will be fast on a motorcycle again. It's true that we have had problems this preseason, but we have to keep moving forward."

Pedrosa's - and the medical staff's - chief concern was his knee. "The wrist is less complicated, and I will have it immobilized for a much shorter time than the knee," Pedrosa said. "At the start, my knee didn't look good at all, but the operation has gone well, and I'm happy. I imagine it will be hard for the skin and the knee to regain elasticity. I'll have to get some sleep, and let it start to recover."

The Spaniard reflected on the poor start he got to the season in 2008, too. "Last year I had a broken hand, but it happened in January. This time it's a little more delicate, because it will be a while before I can move my knee."

His main objective now was to recover, and get back on the bike as quickly as possible. "I need to get back so I can start working on the bike again. I may not be 100%, but I should be able to ride, and draw some conclusions about the bike." He conceded he will need to develop the bike during the season, instead of during testing. "The more laps you do, the easier it is. I will have to do it in less time." But Pedrosa was confident that he could make the bike competitive. "We have a bike that works, but it's the details that make the difference. I was planning on working on a number of aspects this winter. Now my objective is to think about which have the greatest priority. But I'm confident in the bike, and I'm confident in my ability," he assured everyone.

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of dovi's contribution to the future development of the bike- just that "i will have to develop the bike during the season". hello? hrc isn't going to be standing put, waiting for him to get better to test ideas on the rcv. development is going forward without him. surely, he must be extremely worried- especially if those rumors are true about this being a make it or break it season for pedrobot.