Prepare For 2009 With Andrew Wheeler's 2008 Review Book

With racing just a few days away, dedicated motorcycle racing fans are preparing for the 2009 season by going over last year. They find themselves thumbing through the official Motocourse 2008 annual or Julian Ryder's 2008 MotoGP season review, or perhaps even Michael Scott's book 60 Years of MotoGP, and contemplating the season ahead. But as outstanding as those publications are, sometimes, race fans want a little something different, something that they can put beside their favorite chair and thumb through, reliving some of the most remarkable moments of 2008.

For those discerning fans, here's something to tickle their palates. Eminent motorcycle racing photographer Andrew Wheeler, responsible for some the outstanding images fans see in motorcycle publications around the world, has produced his own coffee table book, containing his favorite photos from 2008. The book, a 10"x10" glossy hardback, is not cheap, but the quality of the photos and the sumptuousness of the production makes you soon forget the purchase price.

Andrew Wheeler's 2008 Motorcycle Racing Photographic Review

This is a book to covet. And though Wheeler's review is worth having every year, the 2008 version is even more special, as it contains That Pass, a sequence of photos following Valentino Rossi's spectactular dive through the gravel to pass Casey Stoner at Laguna Seca. Three seconds of racing history captured in exquisite detail, to be examined at leisure.

You can get more information about his 2008 review over on Andrew Wheeler's website, where you can also find details of the 2006 and 2007 editions of the book.


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