2009 Valencia 125 And 250 Test - Day 1 - Bautista And Simon Fastest In The Rain

The rain in Spain falls mainly in January, as a rule, and this January is no exception. The weather on the Iberian peninsula is fairly miserable, and expected to get a lot worse. Which is unfortunate for the 125 and 250 field, who, after an extended test at Jerez, have now moved on to Valencia, where the weather has become fairly miserable.

In the 250 class, Alvaro Bautista continued where he left off, lapping over a second faster than the next quickest man Hector Faubel on the Honda. But the weather was such that the only man to put in a respectable number of laps was former 125 World Champion Gabor Talmacsi, as he continues to get used to the 250.

In the 125 class, Julian Simon was once again the fastest of the GP regulars, but he wasn't the fastest man on a 125. That honor went to Alberto Moncayo, who will be racing in the Spanish CEV championship next year. Moncayo worked hard to set the fastest time though, putting in a Hayden-like 84 laps, where most of the other riders were content to put in just a score of laps or so. Of the GP regulars, Esteve Rabat was 2nd fastest, ahead of Scott Redding.

Testing is due to continue tomorrow, as is the awful weather.

250 cc

Pos.RiderBikeTimeTotal Laps
1Alvaro BautistaAprilia1'48.27021
2Hector FaubelHonda1'49.62416
3Gabor TalmacsiAprilia1'49.78842
4Alex BaldoliniAprilia1'50.98024

Circuit record: 2007, Mika Kallio, KTM, 1'35.659

125 cc

Pos.RiderBikeTimeTotal LapsSeries
1Alberto MoncayoDerbi1'52.06484CEV
2Julian SimonAprilia1'53.08239 
3Esteve RabatAprilia1'53.69611 
4Nicola StizzaAprilia1'54.14540CIV
5Scott ReddingAprilia1'54.21737 
6Luigi MorcianoAprilia1'55.43820CIV
7Luca VitaliAprila1'55.53569 
8Mattia TarozziAprilia1'57.04120CIV
9Joan ZarcoAprilia1'57.10642 
10Miguel OliveiraAprilia1'59.82545CEV
11Cristian TrabalonDerbi2'00.90781CEV
12Marc MarquezKTM2'01.19422 
13Cameron BeaubierKTM2'01.84125 
14Alessandro TonucciAprilia2'02.54131CIV
15Armando PontoneAprilia2'03.29321CIV
16Gennaro SabatinoAprilia2'03.66718CIV
17Adrian MartinAprilia2'04.67023CEV
18Maverick VinalesAprilia2'05.66530CEV
19Sergio GadeaAprilia2'05.80812CEV
20Johnny RosselAprilia2'06.98521CEV
21Edgar GarciaKTM2'07.97743CEV

Circuit record: 2007, Hector Faubel, Aprilia, 1'39.380

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