Yamaha To Keep World Supersport Team

More good news on the racing front, after Kawasaki's shock withdrawal from MotoGP. Team Green's pullout saw a wave of speculation in the media about who would follow. Among the names most mentioned were Suzuki's MotoGP team and Yamaha's World Supersport effort. There have been denials from Suzuki that they are under threat, but so far, no word had been forthcoming about Yamaha and their World Supersport program.

The team was considered vulnerable because of their conspicuous failure to win a world championship since 2000, despite having factory support, competitive equipment and proven riders. To make things worse, the team, based in Holland, were being regularly beaten by their compatriots Ten Kate Honda, a relatively modest effort only partially - and rather begrudgingly - supported by Honda in Japan.

But word has come today that Yamaha will be remaining in the World Supersport championship after all. The Dutch racing site Racesport.nl is reporting that Yamaha's WSS team boss and former racer Wilco Zeelenberg has denied rumors of a withdrawal. "It seems to me that as the team manager, I would be the first to be told that kind of news, but I haven't heard anything. We're signed up to race next season, though admittedly with a lower budget," Zeelenberg told Racesport. The Dutch website also contacted Yamaha's head of racing Laurens Klein Koerkamp, who also denied the reports of a withdrawal.

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