Craig Jones Honored In Portimao

After the final Superbike race, as the traffic poured out of the parking areas, and headed off down the brand new access road towards the highway, and home, a small ceremony was held in memory of Craig Jones. The official ceremony, the unveiling of a statue to be held on Saturday, had been canceled due to the miserable weather, and so a smaller, more private ceremony was held in its place.

The owner of the circuit, Paulo Pinheiro made a small speech, largely inaudible due to the sound of the traffic leaving, but the ceremony was all the more moving and private, perhaps for the very reason that it was cut off from the rest of the world by the noise.

Just how impromptu the ceremony had been was made clear by the sudden arrival of Troy Corser, still in his leathers, straight from his post-race debriefing. Corser was greeted warmly by the family, and it was clear from his demeanor that the tragic loss of Jones had affected him personally.

Craig Jones was killed during the World Supersport race at Brands Hatch on August 3rd this year, while battling for the lead with Johnny Rea and Andrew Pitt. His fearlessness and his ragged-edge riding made him a fan favorite, and he was widely tipped as a future world champion. Craig Jones was 23 years of age.

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