Hayden : "I Guess I Need To Stop Being A Hypocrite!"

It was actually even possible, the atmosphere in the Repsol Honda team continues to decline. At the pre-race press conference, Nicky Hayden was asked about the comments Alberto Puig had made in an interview with MotoGP.com, in which Puig claimed that Hayden couldn't set up a bike and was upset about the wall down the garage because it prevented the American from seeing Dani Pedrosa's data.

Hayden responded that he didn't "want to go back into having a cat and fight with words, back and forth with this guy and defend everything he said." But he stood by his assertion that Puig basically ran the HRC team. "I'm not even sure what I said once it got translated. I think I said something just about the fact that Puig basically runs our team, runs HRC at the moment. I really believe that. I do think Yamano has done a great job as a team manager. That guy is in a tough, tough spot! I know he's got a lot of heat coming at him from all directions, so that's basically what I said. I need to quit being a hypocrite, I guess!"

But the Kentuckian did make his anger clear at Puig's assertions about Hayden's dislike of the wall, and the lack of data sharing. "That wall I couldn't care less about. It doesn't even faze me one little bit," Hayden said on the subject of the wall. But it was Puig's claims about data sharing that were the focus of most of Hayden's wrath: "Some of the stuff he says is a joke about sharing data and that's why I'm mad. I haven't seen his data for a long time. The truth is he sees everybody's data, so lets be clear about that. If it's me going fastest or Dovizioso going fastest, he sees everything."

The situation is not helped by Nicky Hayden's recent run of form. Since his team mate switched to Bridgestones, the American has scored two podiums and outscored Pedrosa by 47 to 24. With Sepang a track at which Pedrosa does well, that situation may change. But with Hayden using the extra power of the pneumatic valve engine to good effect, it will be a close run thing.


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I've hated Danny Pedrosa from the beginning, but if in light of Puig's latest round of BS he somehow grew the stones to fire him, I think I might actually be able to cheer for the guy.

I somehow doubt that he will fire him.  He's been there for him his entire career.  This is all just politics now within the team.  The fact that the sponsor has that much pull especially when there's a spaniard on hand just baffles me.  Historically speaking, there's been plenty of success within the team even though there wasn't a spanish champion since Criville.  I think it will all come down to if Honda wants to take Puig's crap or not.  "All I can do is offer my expertise...blah blah blah"  B/S!

Just how many Spanish champions have ridden for the Repsol Honda team in the top class anyway?  I know Criville, but no others come to mind.

Mini Me is just the puppet on the strings controlled by "Poog"  It's nice to finally see Nicky have the balls to tell a bit of the truth of what's actually going on in the land of the big red wing.

Danny get's to see it all... 





Just a continuation of the breathtaking incompetence of Honda. How a company of it’s reputation and resources continually gets it so wrong astounds me. I hope Hayden sticks it up them on the track next year.

I've never really been a fan of Pedrosa. When he took out Hayden, I took an active dislike to him.

Anyways, Honda has been all about Pedrosa since he joined. Hayden won the championship despite that. The 800 was explicitly designed for Hayden. I admire Hayden for how he's supported Honda and worked so hard for them (who else does so many laps in practice?). He's been a true professional.

Now it seems that Hayden is finally getting the bike to work the way he needs and Pedrosa is not getting results. Pedrosa has all the advantages that Hayden has not. He better put up.

I hope Hayden wins one and then more for Ducati. Sweet revenge.

Has anyone asked Pedrosa or Pig if Dani Boy will sport the #3 plate next year? Just wondering... If anyone has the journalistic opportunity, please tell Dani that the fans want to know. I'd be willing to show up to each race to polish the #3 plate for him. Really, I'll make it shine.

   -  Dani's pal, Dave