Hungary Officially Proposed For Inclusion On MotoGP Calendar For 2009

Dorna officially announced today that MotoGP is likely to be returning to Hungary for the 2009 season. The proposed race will be held at the Balatonring, a circuit currently being built near Lake Balaton in Hungary. The series has visited Hungary twice before, in 1990 and 1992, and MotoGP has a huge following in the country, in part due to the phenomenal success of Gabor Talmacsi in the 125 cc class.

The announcement is not a confirmation that the race will actually take place. Dorna merely proposed to the FIM, the official sanctioning body, that the race be included on the calendar. The FIM is not obliged to accept the proposal - though they generally tend to - and the track will need to be approved before racing can take place.

This is likely to mean a shakeup in the rest of the calendar. The track, which is still under construction, has to be approved two months before the race is to take place, which would be cutting it very close if the race is to replace the Chinese Grand Prix, which took place at the beginning of May. A more likely scenario is that Misano will be brought forward to early May, the weather on Italy's Adriatic coast allowing such a move, and the Hungarian Grand Prix could take place in early September, giving the consortium currently building the facility plenty of time to finish construction.



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i will miss china, to be truthful.  despite all the negative talk about the track layout, it's actually generated great racing every year motogp went there.  and every time we lose a track outside of europe, it's a bad thing for the sport.

we need to get Phakisa (Welkom) back on the calendar.  what a great track...

Man, I hope that everything works out & this round gets added.  I will definitely be flying home to watch this round...btw, the track will be built in one of the nicest, most scenic areas in Hungary.  The Lake Balaton area is awesome & very picturesque.