Lorenzo To Undergo Surgery For Arm Pump

That 200 mph racing motorcycles with carbon disk brakes capable of braking at close to 2G of force place demands on the human body is self evident. The repeated effort of bearing the equivalent of twice your own bodyweight on your forearms several times a lap can cause enormous pain in a condition known as Chronic exertional compartment syndrome (CECS), more colloquially referred to as arm pump. It is a truly democratic condition, striking everybody from lowly motocrossers to world champions, as long as you are prepared to race hard enough.

With his win at Estoril on Sunday, Jorge Lorenzo certainly proved that he isn't afraid to race hard, despite complaining of arm pump at the previous two races. And this afternoon, Lorenzo is to undergo surgery to fix the problem. He is scheduled to be go under the knife at 4pm Monday afternoon, at the Institut Dexeus in Barcelona, Spain.

With a three-week break before the next MotoGP round at Shanghai in China, Lorenzo hopes to be able to make a full recovery before racing resumes.

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