Video Footage Of Kawasaki's New Screamer

Although we are not much given to rehashing race team press releases here at, much preferring to go searching for actual news, from time to time, we get sent something which captures our imagination. Anthony Murphy, A reader of the site sent us a link to the Kawasaki Racing website, with a video of Kawasaki's new screamer engine.

As you can hear, it sounds completely different to the old big bang engine Kawasaki are currently using in their ZX-RR race bike. Below are a couple of videos of the old bike for comparison, which we found on Youtube:

Kawasaki's new screamer engine is not yet ready to make its official debut, but Team Green are hard at work trying to get the bike ready. Kawasaki hope the engine will provide both more top end power, as well as better drive, but getting the engine to work will rely on setting up the electronics to work. The team is believed to be looking to race the screamer engine towards the end of the season.

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