New Tire Regulations For 2008 Officially Announced

The FIM officially announced changes to the tire regulations today. As expected, the single tire rule has been called off entirely, its purpose having been served by forcing the tire manufacturers to agree upon new rules. Instead, the tire allocation has been expanded, and the testing restrictions have been eased. Here is a summary of the new rules:

  • Tire limits are lifted from 31 to 40, with 18 front tires and 22 rear tires available to riders during the race weekend;
  • Tire companies can choose on GP circuit to test at, after the race has been held there, but current MotoGP riders will not be allowed to take part in the tests;
  • If a track is resurfaced, and for new tracks, tire and motorcycle manufacturers can test there at least 4 weeks prior to the event. Once again, current MotoGP riders will not be allowed to take part, only official test riders.

You can find the full text of regulations over on the FIM website (PDF file).

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