Memories Of Summer: Some Images From Misano

As most of you know by now, we occasionally feature MotoGP photography from sources off the beaten path here at A couple of months ago, someone who posts as RLCanon over on the Adventure Rider website posted up a couple of pictures from his visit to the Misano MotoGP round. We liked them a lot, and we hope you like them too.

Colin Edwards, demonstrating how to crane your neck.


Edwards again. His '07 helmet paint job is truly a thing of beauty, as is the tail section on the '08 M1. Shame the results aren't as good as the bike's looks.

John Hopkins looks where he wants to be going.

Style contrast: Kurtis Roberts leans his upper body over, and looks all the way to the exit, while Nicky Hayden shifts his lower body, and looks less far ahead.

Nicky Hayden: Hanging off and looking through.

The M1's tail is much prettier than the stubby RC212V.

Kurtis Roberts again. It's been a tough year for all at Team Roberts.

Casey Stoner has been a little more successful this year. Note the chunk of tarmac missing from the track ahead of his wheel.

The Doctor scans for more damaged track surface.

Valentino Rossi probably should have kept the Excalibur helmet. It might have helped.

John Hopkins may be the king of the standup wheely, but Nicky Hayden demonstrates he's not too shabby sitting down.

Our thanks for being given permission to use these pictures, and if you liked these, there's a couple more fantastic images here.

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