Aspar Turned Down MotoGP Offer From Yamaha

The Spanish motorcycling journal is reporting that Jorge Martinez Aspar, the man behind the team dominating the 250 and 125 classes, turned down an offer of runnig a Dunlop-shod M1 in MotoGP from Yamaha. Dunlop, who are keen to remain in MotoGP, persuaded Yamaha to field a 5th bike, and had contacted the Spanish team owner about running the team, but Aspar told them that he wasn't interested, opting instead to hold on for another year for the offer he is alleged to have to run at least one Suzuki in MotoGP.

"I don't want to enter MotoGP at any cost," Aspar told Aspar said the project came too late to do anything with, as there was no time to find riders, and nothing concrete to offer them, the future of the project being uncertain. Instead, he is likely to enter MotoGP in 2009 with Suzuki, having assurances from Hamamatsu of support from the project of 3 years.

The news that Dunlop tried to lure Aspar into MotoGP confirms suggestions that the Tech 3 Yamaha team will run Michelins for the 2008 season. Yamaha is unlikely to have offered to run a 5th bike for Dunlop unless they were taking a couple of bikes away from the British tire maker.

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