Shanghai Circuit Damaged In Storm

It seems that it's not just motorcycle race fans who are angry that the magnificent Istanbul circuit has been dropped from the 2008 MotoGP schedule, while the tedious track at Shanghai has been kept. The decision seems also to have raised the ire of the weather gods, with tropical storms having caused severe damage to the grandstands at the Shanghai International Circuit. Arguments continue as to whether this was due to the very light materials used to build the spectacular structures not being strong enough to withstand the onslaught of the elements, and fingers are being pointed at the circuit's former chief Yu Zhifei, who was sacked over corruption charges earlier this year. The facility will not be completely repaired in time for the Formula 1 Grand Prix in October, but should be ready to greet the MotoGP circus early next year. We would gladly have seen it disappear from the calendar, though wiping it from the face of the earth in a storm was going a little too far, even for race fans as antipathetic to the track as we are.

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