MotoGP. Indy. September 14, 2008. All Three Classes.

The title says it all, really, but it seems that Indianapolis Motor Speedway will host the 2nd US MotoGP round on September 14th, 2008. The round will see all three classes (125, 250 and MotoGP) compete, leaving little or no room for the AMA Superbikes, which support MotoGP at the Laguna Seca round. But the advent of the 125 and 250 classes to the US will be very popular with hardcore racing fans in the US, as they long for a glimpse of the classes providing the new blood to the MotoGP class.

Although the announcement has still not been made officially, Indianapolis Motor Speedway has sent out an e-mail to all major news outlets that they will be making an announcement on Monday, July 16th. But we already know what they'll be saying.

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