Elias' Replacement At Laguna Seca: Zemke Or Duhamel?

It seems that secrets are almost as hard to keep in MotoGP as discovering the truth behind the hundreds of rumors permeating press and public. Just two days ago, we reported that Jake Zemke was the hot favorite to ride Toni Elias' bike at Laguna Seca, for the US GP there in three weeks' time. Now, it seems, it wasn't Zemke Honda were after, but his American Honda team mate Miguel Duhamel. Such is the confusion that nobody really knows what's going on, including Miguel Duhamel.

Piecing together the story from the various sources and tatters of information at our disposal, it seems that this is the most likely course of events:

  • Honda Europe sent an e-mail to American Honda inquiring about the availability of riders to take Elias' place at Laguna Seca - a useful PR move, as it would generate even more local interest in the race;
  • A mole at Honda Europe told an Italian journalist "we'll be getting one of the American Honda riders to ride for us, either Zemke or Duhamel," which the Italian journalist reports;
  • Someone at American Honda decides to ask Miguel Duhamel whether he'd be interested in the ride, as Duhamel has previous experience;
  • A mole inside American Honda contacts an American journalist and tells them that Duhamel has been approached about the ride.
  • The conflicting stories are reported on either side of the Atlantic.

As far as I can tell, it seems like the whole deal is up in the air, as Duhamel himself said that Fausto Gresini has not yet been approached about this. Details, genuine, factual details, are sure to emerge over the next couple of weeks.

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