Puig On Pedrosa: "Our First Priority Is Honda"

After Dani Pedrosa hinted darkly that he could abandon Honda if the RC212V doesn't improve very soon, people were obviously very interested in what Alberto Puig, Pedrosa's mentor, would have to say about Pedrosa's threats. So, the Spanish radio network phoned Puig to ask, and AS.com transcribed the conversation.

Pedrosa acknowledged that the Honda is at "one hundred percent of what is needed to win" this year, but assured that everyone was working as hard as possible to remedy the situation, even though solutions could not be expected in the short term. When asked if he and Pedrosa and ruled out looking at offers from other teams, he said:

Our first priority is the manufacturer that we are with now and that we have always been with. Dani has only ever ridden for Honda, has never ridden another bike.

So, Puig is very clear that he sees Pedrosa's future with Honda, but is very careful not to rule anything out. Of course, despite Puig's enormous influence over Pedrosa, ultimately, it's not his choice to make. When it comes down to it, Dani Pedrosa's future is up to Dani Pedrosa, not Alberto Puig.

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