Another Possible New Entrant - Aspar To MotoGP In 2008?

Jorge Martinez is considering fielding a one man team in MotoGP in 2008, according to the website. The boss of the Aspar team has been extremely successful in both 125 and 250, and having a rider in the premier class would be a logical move. Martinez did not reveal any further details, other than that he was in discussions with MotoGP manufacturers, but it would allow Martinez to build a fantastic conduit for young talent, taking them up through the 125 and 250 classes, before pitching them into the hurly burly of MotoGP.

The Aspar team currently leads the 125 cc championship with Hungarian rider Gabor Talmacsi, and holds 3rd and 4th place in the 250 championship, with Alex d'Angelis and current 125 world champion, and future superstar Alvaro Bautista.

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