Team KR: Does King Kenny Play Poker?

After Thursday's shock announcement that Kenny Roberts Sr may withdraw from the 2007 MotoGP season if a sponsor is forthcoming, questions are starting to be asked about Robert's sincerity. King Kenny is known to have a few sharp moves under his hat when it comes to negotiating tactics, and voices were raised almost immediately that this was just a negotiating tactic, to put pressure on either Dorna, or a potential sponsor, to speed up affairs.

It now seems that this reading of events may not be so far from the truth. Speculation on the internet and sources close to the paddock seem to suggest that Team KR already has a sponsorship contract signed and sealed, and that Roberts Sr's announcement was more about pressuring Dorna, and attracting attention to the perilous state of sponsorship in MotoGP, than an actual threat. With the season due to start in just 3 weeks time, we'll find out soon enough whether this was just a bluff, or whether Kenny really is holding an empty hand.

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