Bombshell: Team KR May Withdraw From 2007 MotoGP Season has an interview with Kenny Roberts Sr in which King Kenny states he may be forced to withdraw from the 2007 MotoGP season due to a lack of funds. This would be a remarkable failure, as the story of Team KR is one of the most interesting in the entire paddock.

What the story does highlight, however, is the chronic and frankly incomprehensible lack of funding for MotoGP. With 320 million fans worldwide, you would think that companies would be chomping at the bit to pour money into motorcycle racing, but nothing could be further from the truth. And the fact is, there are no easy answers why this should be the case. So, if you love MotoGP, want to help, and work for a large organization, drop your marketing department a line. If your company is interested in trying to do business in Southern Europe, there is no better investment for their marketing dollars. You've got nothing to lose but the five minutes or so it will take you to write the e-mail.

~~~ UPDATE ~~~

I just finished reading the article, and it's a great analysis of what's wrong with corporate sponsorship. Very soon, viewing figures for MotoGP will catch and then pass those of Formula 1. And yet Dutch bank ING have just poured $100 million dollars into Formula 1, an amount of money for which you could run nearly the entire MotoGP field. MotoGP is where the bang for the buck is. Write those e-mails tomorrow.

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