A Strange Sense Of Timing At MotoGP.com

Something curious is going on over at MotoGP.com, the official website of MotoGP. Right in the middle of the second-biggest pre-season test, as public interest is building towards the start of an eagerly-anticipated season, they have taken the site down for maintenance. They also seem to have switched IP addresses, which would suggest they are moving servers in the middle of an event.

This leaves visitors to the site staring at message apologizing for the maintenance currently under way. This is a pretty frustrating prospect for the more dedicated fans and followers. The only positive spin we can put on this is that it may be an attempt to address bandwidth issues which some users, particularly those based in the US, suffered at the end of last season. This may also be related to the high-bandwidth, high-quality video streams that MotoGP.com is offering to subscribers. If it means a better quality, more reliable service, most fans will be delighted.

The problem, though, is the timing. Halfway through a test, with the eyes of the public focused upon them is not a good time to go upgrading systems. We can only hope that it means the quality of service will be vastly improved over the remainder of the season.

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