McWilliams Injury Update After Jerez Tests

Ilmor today issued a statement on the condition of Jeremy McWilliams, who broke his leg and possibly fractured his collarbone in a high speed tumble during the final day of MotoGP testing at Jerez. The timing of McWilliams' injury is fortunate, coming as it does on the last day of testing before the MotoGP test ban comes into effect, preventing riders from testing between December 1st and January 20th. With McWilliams due to be unable to train for 4-5 weeks, the 8 week layoff will give him time to recover in time for a possible role within the Ilmor SRT team. Ilmor is due to announce their rider lineup for 2007 after the Jerz test, which has just concluded. How McWilliams' injury will affect his chances is hard to say.

The Ilmor press release is below:

Jeremy McWilliams Update

London 01.12.06: Ilmor are pleased to report that following his unfortunate crash yesterday (Thursday 30th) test rider Jeremy McWilliams is already on the road to recovery. McWilliams suffered a fracture to his left femur and has a suspected fracture to his collarbone, however speaking from the hospital this morning he sounded upbeat and very positive.

Commenting on the crash McWilliams said: "It was very fast and I took a bit of a tumble. The doctors here in Jerez have been great and they tell me that my leg fracture is really clean, it should take four to five weeks to heal - then I’ll be walking and able to take exercise again. I need to have an operation to have it pinned so I’ll be having that as soon as they have time to fit me in. Apparently I also have a broken collarbone but it doesn’t feel like it to me. Oh and I will lose a part of one of my fingers but as I keep telling people, I broke that one before and it wasn’t much use to me anyway!"

McWilliams went out on turn 4 at the Jerez circuit early yesterday afternoon on the third and final day of the official test. Initial data reports from the X³ show nothing to suggest a mechanical error.

Team Owner Mario Illien said: "First and foremost I’m pleased that it seems there will be no lasting damage to Jeremy, of course we want to get to the nature of the cause of the incident as soon as possible and I know the team are analysing data and footage from the crash now. Prior to yesterday afternoon, both our test riders McWilliams and Pitt had done a sterling job providing us with superb feedback on the bike allowing the team to adjust the bike’s set up and improve on the overall performance. With the exception of yesterday’s accident it has been a good test for us, we’re making progress. I would like to take this opportunity to wish Jeremy a very speedy recovery and I’m delighted, if a little shocked to hear him say he’s looking forward to getting back out on the X3!"

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