Eckl And Kawasaki Split

Though it can hardly be unexpected, as rumors had resounded round the paddock for a long time, Kawasaki have announced that they are ending their collaboration with Harald Eckl to run their MotoGP racing team for 2007. The Japanese factory will take over running the team themselves for 2007, basing their team in either France or The Netherlands. The split with Eckl will have no consequences for the rider line up, but it is likely that most of the team personnel will be replaced.

Whether this means the end of MotoGP for Harald Eckl is unknown. It is widely believed that he will move to Ilmor, as he has a history with Eskil Suter, who was involved in the inception of the Kawasaki MotoGP team. His experience in running a MotoGP team would be a logical and welcome addition to the British-based team's MotoGP challenge.

Read more about this on the Dutch racing site

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