It's Official - Alex Barros To Pramac d'Antin For 2007

After earlier speculation, Pramac d'Antin have now officially announced that Alex Barros will be riding for the Pramac d'Antin Ducati team for 2007. The d'Antin team will be running Ducatis again next season, but the GP7 bike for the d'Antin satellite team is widely expected to be much more competitive than this year's bike, mostly because only the newest 800 cc bikes will be available, making it a much more level playing field for both satellite and works teams.

The official press release also has an interesting quote. Paolo Campinoti, the CEO of the PRAMAC Group, which sponsors the d'Antin team, says: The PRAMAC Group believes a lot in the racing project and will keep on following it with the biggest commitment. For the 2007 season we will soon announce important news. The d'Antin team is widely expected to be running Bridgestone tires next season, which, combined with the more competitive GP7 bikes, will put the team on a much more even footing. This footnote by the Pramac CEO suggests that this expectation could be reality.

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