An Interview About The Ilmor/Suter Project

There's an in-depth interview with Mario Ilien and Eskil Suter over on the RoadRacerX website about their new MotoGP project. It's an interesting look at the perspective the team has about motorcycle racing, and that they are aware of the pitfalls of previous projects which tried to use Formula 1 car technology in MotoGP, such as the Aprilia RS3 Cube. The bike will use pneumatic valve springs, to be able to handle the very high rev ranges (up to 18,000 rpm) required to make a competitive engine. Suter and Ilien believe that they have a competitive chassis, but that they will have to gather a lot of data on setup, and that the engine will need some development before it is competitive. But they expect to be running at the front within three years of the project starting. The article is an interesting read.

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