2006 Sepang, Phillip Island and Motegi Reports Will Be Very Late

When I started this blog, I never expected that it would be quite as popular as it has proved to be. In fact, I booked my upcoming vacation shortly after I started writing this blog, without even a glance at the MotoGP calendar, thinking only of when the weather would be good in Northern Spain, and when the crowds would mostly have disappeared. I hardly spared a thought of whether I would be able to write race reports or not, thinking only that if there was a race, I would at the very least be able to read about it in the Spanish papers.

As a consequence, I'm about to take a two week break, right when the MotoGP circus have three subsequent weekends of racing. I won't have access to a computer (which my wife tells me will be good for me, something I'm sure she's right about, but I always need weaning off 24/7 online access), so I'm afraid that I won't be able to provide you with reports for what promises to be three decisive weekends of racing. I expect the championship race to look very different when I finally return, with a report on the race I enjoyed most, and at least a summary of the other two races. But that's going to be a long time from now. I will shortly be posting my preview of all three upcoming rounds, and I have to say, it's coming along nicely.

So, dear reader, if you were looking forward to my race reports, you have my most sincere apologies, and I would ask for your forbearance. Next year, I'll be planning my vacations more carefully.

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