Garry McCoy The Latest Name Linked With Ilmor

Our Italian friends over at are reporting that the Ilmor/Suter V4 bike is back in action. This time, it's Australian former GP star and King of Slide Garry McCoy riding the bike, currently running tests at the Albacete track in Spain. McCoy has several years experience on board MotoGP bikes, spending two seasons with Kawasaki, as well as substituting for Shane Byrne aboard the Aprilia. McCoy is, fittingly, currently riding a KTM in Supermoto, after two seasons in World Superbike, on board the Foggy Petronas bike and a satellite Ducati.

McCoy is the second active racer to be contracted to test the Ilmor V4, after Max Neukirchner rode it at Most in the Czech Republic. However, McCoy has a clear calendar for the end of the year, and so we could see a return to MotoGP, albeit briefly, as a wild card at Estoril and Valencia in October. McCoy and Eskil Suter, the bike's chassis designer, have a history together, as it was Suter who designed the chassis for the Kawasaki which McCoy raced.

Whether McCoy will remain in MotoGP remains to be seen. He is justly famous for his extremely sideways riding style, sliding the bike through the turns in an attempt to get on the gas earlier. While this gave him a huge advantage on the 500cc two-strokes, this style is not at all suited to MotoGP bikes, where electronics have removed the necessity to slide the rear, allowing the bike to be ridden more smoothly, and with greater lean angles, a style seen more often in the 250 and 125 classes. It would be great to see The King Of Slide return, but traction control is sure to cramp his trademark style.

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