More Rider Rumors For 2007

Spanish motorcycle magazine has an article about possible personnel changes in MotoGP for 2007. The main rumor concerns Andrea Dovizioso, who is said to want to move up the MotoGP class, unless Honda vastly improve their 250 for next season. Dovizioso's name is being linked with the LCR Honda currently being ridden by the young Australian Casey Stoner. LCR team boss Lucio Cecchinello is said not to be happy with Stoner's performance in the championship, but this could also be related to persistent rumors of Stoner moving to either Ducati or Yamaha.

The 250 rider which everyone expected to move up to MotoGP was Jorge Lorenzo, who has dominated the 250 championship so far, after a run of back luck at the beginning of the season. Rumors linked Lorenzo to Yamaha, but these proved unfounded, as Lorenzo resigned with Aprilia last week to run in the 250 championship for another year.

The final rumor concerns Makoto Tamada's replacement. It's an open secret that Tamada is riding his last races in MotoGP, after two poor seasons. The question has always been who will replace Tamada at Konica Minolta. With the official team name of the Konica Minolta Honda being Japan Italy Racing, and with the team management being Italian, the most likely scenario is another Japanese rider being brought in. The only other Japanese rider in the class is Shinya Nakano, and Nakano has been rumored to want a more competitive ride, to prove that he really can run at the front. A Honda on Michelins would seem to fit the bill very well indeed. The only other Japanese options would be either Yukio Takahashi or one of the Aoyama brothers, all of whom are currently in 250s.

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