Max Biaggi To Ducati for 2007?

The online version of the Spanish sports newspaper is reporting that Max Biaggi is negotiating with Ducati for a MotoGP ride in 2007. His contract with Suzuki for the World Superbike ride which never happened is said to have finished as of July 31st, leaving him clear to negotiate with other teams as of now. Biaggi is said to be talking to Ducati, and is believed to be bringing a sponsor, which would get him a ride on a satellite Ducati team. The current satellite Ducati team is Pramac d'Antin. And as Pramac is an Italian company, Biaggi would be a good fit. However, as the Pramac d'Antin team is languishing at the bottom of the result sheet at every race, the question remains as to how attractive a prospect this is for Biaggi.

Just to cloud matters further, is claiming the Spanish motorcycle weekly Solo Moto as its source for the story.

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