IMS Press Release: 2012 Indianapolis Moto2 And Moto3 Post-Race Press Conference Transcripts

Transcripts of the post-race press conferences from both the Moto2 and Moto3 races at Indianapolis, courtesy of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway media service:


Marc Marquez, Pol Espargaro, Julian Simon
Sunday, Aug. 19, 2012

MODERATOR: The podium finishes then in the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix Moto2: In third place Julian Simon; second place, Pol Espargaro; and our race winner is Marc Marquez.
Congratulations, Marc. Fifth win of the season. It wasn't a normal Moto2 race where you were all fighting out. This one was very calculated. You decimated the field, as well. How good did it feel to be riding with the bike and have such a big gap behind you today?

MARC MARQUEZ: Yes, in the beginning I was a little surprised because I thought Pol and Iannone would be stronger, but I saw that the race was quite slow. I tried to lead the race and try to make my rhythm that I make in the qualifying and practice and warm-up. From that was quite difficult in the middle of the race and in the end keep the same concentration, because when I was alone there in front, was quite difficult. But I want to say thanks to my team, to Suter, because now I feel better on the bike. I feel quite good. So this victory is important and start to have the second part of the season with a victory, it is important. We will enjoy it, but we need to think that next week we have Brno, and that circuit is quite difficult.

MODERATOR: Were you worried about tires wearing out at all toward the end?

MARQUEZ: Yeah, my plan in the first part of the race was just try to save a little bit of tires, but because I know in the end the life of the tire will be quite on the limit. But I saw that everybody try to save the tire and then I just try to push, and I say, 'OK, in the end of the race we will see and we will manage.'

MODERATOR: It seemed to work anyway. Well done, Marc, congratulations on the win today.
Second place went to Pol Espargaro. Pol, when you started from the pole and after that incredible lap yesterday, we thought you would be right up there. Were you disappointed with your pace today or was it what you thought it would be?

POL ESPARGARO: Yes, I always try to win and do the best: Today was difficult for me, I don't know why. Today I had problems that I never feel. Yesterday we were so fast. I had the feeling incredible with the motorbike; it worked perfectly. And we had done incredible work, very good lap and very good lap by lap. We prepared the race with the tire, with the tire so good, and I thought that today would be better. But it was worse: I don't know why. I started to feel some problems in front and rear, a lot of chatter in the straight and in the corners. And it was so, so strange. But anyway, with problems to be here in the second position, it's so nice for us. I feel so good with the motorbike, with the team. They are doing so good, and they are doing an incredible job. We have the other race next week, so we have to think about Brno now.

MODERATOR: Well done, Pol, on that second place today.
First podium of the season for Julian Simon. It's been a difficult year for you, hasn't it, since you broke your leg really last year. How great does it feel to be back on top of the Grand Prix podium?

JULIAN SIMON: Yeah, I am really happy to be on the podium. I started the second part of the season very good. This is my idea for the second part, to stay in this line and continue. I change something in the team and also in the bike, so I want to say congratulations today to the team because it is very important for me to recover the good sensation in the bike because the first part was very difficult. Also, it was complicated after the broken leg, so for me this podium is like a victory. So I'm very happy.

Also, congratulations to Marc and Pol because they are strong there. And for Brno, I hope continue with this line, with this work, and I hope to stay also here.

MODERATOR: Well done, Julian, on third place today.
So do we have any questions?

Q: Just a question for Pol. I wanted to ask your thoughts on Brno. Do you like the track? Have you gone well there?

ESPARGARO: Yeah, I like the track. Last year for us was a difficult year and I was not fast there, but I was not fast in the other circuits. But yes, I like the track. It's a long one with fast corners, so good there. So I don't know; I don't know how we will do. I'm sure we have to work because the level of Moto2 is so high now and I'm sure it will be difficult, but I like the track, yes.

MODERATOR: OK. Anyone else?
No, we'll let you go speak to the riders. Well done to all three of you today.


Luis Salom, Sandro Cortese, Jonas Folger
Sunday, Aug. 19, 2012

MODERATOR: The podium finishes, then, in the Moto3 class: In third place today, an amazing ride from Jonas Folger, his first ride for the Aspar team; second place for championship leader Sandro Cortese; and the first Grand Prix victory for Luis Salom.
So just in terms of the World Championship, Sandro now leads Maverick Vinales by 29 points in the championship, 184 to 155. So we will start with Luis, who wins a Grand Prix for the first time. Luis, what does it mean to you to stand on a Grand Prix podium for the first time in your career?

LUIS SALOM: Yeah, in Holland almost I win, I made big mistake on the last corner, but I don't know, that race is difficult. I push on the limit every lap, so I don't think it much. On the first part of the race it is difficult but many riders, many young riders and doing some crazy things, you know. But on the last -- in the middle of the race I see Cortese and Vinales is gone, and I said, 'Now I need to push.' I take the gap he make, yeah, I don't know what I do on the last lap. I see a small door, and I enter. You know, it's difficult but when you are fighting for the victory, everybody is on the limit. Yeah, you have, when you have the tire broken, destroyed, it's more difficult, you know. You know, possible to make mistakes on the bike. But small a mistake means so I fight, but I win.

MODERATOR: Congratulations. Enjoy that one, Luis.
Second place for Sandro Cortese. You weren't able to win this one after Luis, but with Maverick Vinales crashing out, how important could this second place be?

SANDRO CORTESE: Yeah, first of all, I am very sorry for Maverick because we had a great race, and no one deserved a crash in this great race. I think no other rider wish someone to crash, so you want to beat him on the racetrack and on a victory but not that he crash and you get the points. But, also, I have to look at the championship and someone says before the race, 'OK, you go with a 29-point lead to Brno and get only second,' I would be really happy. After the race, straight after, I was a little bit upset because every single practice I lead; I had a good rhythm. But we had so many problems with the front tire. So I decided after warm-up to put a hard one and take the risk to maybe don't go so fast as in the other practices but with more tire life. It was the right choice, but I could not attack. The tire was the same as destroyed as maybe the medium one. But for sure now I'm getting more and more happy with the second place. And congratulations, also, to Luis. He deserved his first victory. Of course, a big, big thanks to Ajo, to my team. We took some risk today, we did it together, and also with Red Bull with the Grand Prix, I think it's good for us all. We're all Red Bull riders. So big thanks, also, to Red Bull and to KTM, who always do also its best. Now we can go to Brno maybe a little bit more relaxed with some small gap in the championship. I like Brno, took my first victory there last year, so I hope we can do the same also this year.

MODERATOR: Congratulations, Sandro, on that second place today.
In third place. What a ride from Jonas Folger, your first with the Aspar team. I suppose really since your victory last year at Silverstone things haven't gone great. So what does it mean to you? What does it feel like to be back on the podium?

JONAS FOLGER: Really, a lot because was such a difficult season for me. I'm just happy to be on the such a good team again, the Aspar team, and to be on a good bike and to show that I can go to the front, also. So I'm really happy because it's the first weekend with the new bike, so I feel great with the bike, with the team and everything. So finally we find a good setting. The only problem was the starting. The qualifying was not perfect but, OK. We need to change in Brno, and we will see what we can do there.

MODERATOR: All the best, then. Well done, Jonas, on taking that podium.
Do we have any questions from anyone? No?
OK, we'll let you speak to the riders. Well done to all three of you today. Well done, Luis, on that first win.

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