Repsol Press Release: Another Interview With Dani Pedrosa

The Repsol Media Service continue to bombard the press with press-release interviews with their riders. This time, Repsol spoke to Dani Pedrosa about how his season has gone so far, and how he is recovering from injury. 

Below is the press release interview with Pedrosa:

"I want to be on top form to be able to confront my rivals"

The Repsol rider takes advantage of the summer break to recover physically and confront the last eight Grand Prix of the season in the best form

The Le Mans crash, which prevented him to take points in four races, did not reduce Dani Pedrosa's confidence, and he came back to the championship more eager than ever. The Repsol Honda Team rider already has two victories and three podium —two of them consecutive in the last two races—, with still half of the season to be held. Pedrosa is confident to achieve a good form, before the next round in Brno, in order to increase the number of wins to his name.

Laguna Seca is always the halfway point of the season and the start of the short summer break. Will you be able to switch off? What are your plans?

"My plan is to recover, because my muscles are very stiff, so I will try to rest a bit to allow them to relax. When I feel better, I intend to train in order to avoid feeling so weak in the second half of the races".

This season you had very high expectations, but you had a really difficult first half. Despite that, you nearly did more wheelies than ever, in Jerez, Estoril and Sachsenring. What is your assessment of this first half of the season?

"My opinion of these races is that I competed well, but I was unlucky".

They say that after falling, the important thing is to pick yourself up. You really picked yourself up in style! You had unexpected victories in Portugal and Germany. Do your wins of this year have a special flavour?

"These victories have a very special taste indeed. Especially after the injuries I suffered, as I was never at 100%. These wins give me a high level of confidence. My rivals are in full form, so I am eager to recover my form too so that I can fight against them on equal terms".

The end of your bike's life cycle is approaching, but until the end of the season, in which areas should it be improved?

"The stability and the entrance of the corners are always complicated matters; especially in the tracks with more bumps. Anyway, the bike is responding very well for now".

This year we have seen some falls in the first minutes of the practices, due to the difficulty to warm and feel the tyres. Have you gone backwards in that area?

"Yes, undoubtedly. Now the tyres, both the front and the rear, when they are cold they are a bit more dangerous. In this first half of the season we saw that nearly all crashes occurred when the tyres were new".

How do you see your main rivals?

"They are doing a good job. I have been out of competition, which made it a bit easier for them. The competition is very close. There is a very high level, but we could say that none of us is at 100%. Jorge made some mistakes and only Stoner has been the most consistent".

What aims do you set for yourself in the rest of the races?

"My aim is to recover my full form and thus be able to win some races".

How do you feel both physically and mentally for these eight Grand Prix?

"Right now I am not at 100%, but I hope to recover progressively race after race and let's hope that I will be able to fight back in the end".

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"Despite that [difficult first half of the season], you nearly did more wheelies than ever, in Jerez, Estoril and Sachsenring."

Something lost in translation or does the question actually relate to wheelies? I never seem to see Dani doing any actually.

Is he meant something along the lines of celebrating wins. However, Casey Stoner did several wheelies at Laguna Seca. But I believe you only saw the first one on TV. Maybe Dani does them on the cooldown lap and you dont seem them on tv?

We saw the one down the Rahal straight as well on the cool down lap, but those were the only ones. I doubt Dani would have been doing any in the recent past with all the collarbone struggles he's had.

But I for one would love to see Pedrosa come out and twat them all 2012 on the litre bike to shut the detractors up. 'Too small, the ex SBK'ers will shine on the 1000's, too fragile, blah blah'. Ho hum.

A fit, confident and relaxed Pedrosa with nothing to lose is going to rack up a few more wins this season yet too. So there could still be a twist in the tail of this season. Remember 1992.....

Pedrosa and Lorenzo are not likely to have any problem with the 1000 cc machines despite what a lot of people seem to think. They have too much talent for that. But the problem for Pedrosa is that 2011 was the best chance he was ever going to get to beat Stoner and win the championship. Stoner is new to the team and the bike, and is inevitably having occasional set up problems as he and his (mostly) ex-Ducati crew learn the Honda. Next year is a different ball game. Everyone is on a new bike, and it will be Stoner's second year at Honda. Stoner is getting better and better, and he has discovered that with the Honda he can manage and win races without pushing too hard. If the rumours are correct the new 1000 Honda that Stoner tested at Catalunya is a rocketship. It is entirely possible that next year will be a one horse race, with Stoner dominating the championship.

I fully agree with all the points you've made Dr Costa. Yet I cannot separate the three young guns at all on the talent front. Stoner isn't the only one improving....

"The Repsol Media Service continue to bombard the press with press-release interviews with their riders". Too true David. But at least it gives us over obsessive fans something new to read whilst we count the hours and the days until the next race.