Jacque Withdraws From Le Mans

Half of the announcement expected today has finally come: In a press release, the Kawasaki Racing Team has announced that Olivier Jacque will not take part in the French Grand Prix at Le Mans. The wound the French veteran sustained in a get off in Shanghai had become infected, preventing him from working on recovering strength and movement in his arm. After discussions with his doctors and the team, OJ reluctantly decided to skip the French Grand Prix, and focus on returning at Mugello instead.

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Nieto Favorite To Substitute For OJ

Still no official announcement so far on who will be replacing Olivier Jacque on the Kawasaki at this weekend's Le Mans MotoGP round. Unsurprisingly, but rather unwisely, Jacque is determined to take part in his home grand prix, despite his doctors advising him against it, but it seems unlikely that he will be able to take any meaningful part in the proceedings.

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OJ's Replacement - Will It Be Hodgson, Or Will It Be Nieto?

Ever since Olivier Jacque was forced to withdraw from the Shanghai MotoGP round, after an innocent-looking crash caused a very deep gash in his forearm, requiring surgery to close it up again. The injury is so serious that Olivier Jacque looks unlikely to take part in the Le Mans MotoGP round on May 20th, despite his recovery proceeding better than expected. And so the question of who will replace OJ in France raises its ugly head.

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Another Door Opens For James Toseland - Ducati Want JT For Satellite Team

James Toseland, the man currently holding a commanding lead in the World Superbike Championship, is a man in demand. As reported earlier, Toseland is likeliest candidate for the Ten Kate MotoGP team, which is expected to compete the 2008 season, presumably on Hondas. And now, Eurosport are reporting that Ducati want JT for the Pramac d'Antin team.

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2007 Shanghai MotoGP Race Report - Pomp And Circumstance

Sometimes, life seems scripted. Events, personalities and locations seem to align so perfectly that keen observers believe they can discern a pattern among the entrails of what is unfolding before them, and, borne by their smugness at believing they have glimpsed the future, they make proud predictions and pompous pronouncements. But the Fates do not allow such conceit to stand unchallenged, and love nothing more than to prick such pomposity with the cold, sharp razor of reality.

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