HRC says no to Yamaha in MSMA request

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HRC says no to Yamaha in MSMA request

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Well, the Yamaha Honcho Jarvis put in a request to all members of MSMA in granting Yamaha to open the M1 engine to replace a badge of miss-manufactured valves in its entire M1 engine available for 2020 racing.

Yamaha has sent back Rossi's damaged engine for analyses back to Yamaha head quarters and after lengthy study of of its root cause for the M1 breaking down for Rossi, they found a badly forged or built valves caused its stoppage on Rossi's bike. Thus necessitating all its valves on the allocated M1 engines in hand to be opened up for replacement.

But apparently, the HRC executive Manager, Alberto Puig put a NO to the Yamaha request. He saying, Yamaha needs to present to the MSMA members a more detailed reason that Yamaha saying, bad batch of valves installed on the M1 engines before HRC giving concession to such request.

It seems that the HRC still carrying the grudge of Yamaha not siding with HRC, Aprilia etc against Ducati for its "aero dynamic spoon" right under
in front of rear tire. Back then Yamaha took a neutral stance and did not join in the protest against Ducati. I believe HRC should allow Yamaha replace those said defective valves that if going badly can cause M1 engine to explode then spewing much oil on the tarmac causing riders to fall on its oil. Heck, Aprilia got an OK then replacing the bad pistons on their bikes. It seems that HRC are jealous of Quartararo's back to back wins and their hero, MM not able to bringing in any points due to his Humorous breakage. I hope HRC to be more gentlemen but in racing war, is just WAR I guess.!

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